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I. C. M. Inc. offer the high standard diagnostic solution for auto manufacturer. The total solution including diagnostic software and hardware building, diagnosis Integration for multiple ECU brands, on-line ECU flash programming tool developing, info management and customer management platform.



•To use standard production procedure to minimize development time and reduce manpower waste which leads to cost-down and stable quality result

•Custom-made, cost-efficient, and overall diagnostic solution

•Multi-function with small and compact interface

•Auto manufacturer ODM experienced background

•Universal design to support customers around the world.



Three-in-One (Hand Held tester+PC base+Datalog) Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool "NACS"


By the development of the first generation of WIN-STAR diagnostic tool, diagnosis interface only act as the conversion of information.
The second generations of WIN-STAR PLUS and pq-TLS diagnostic interfaces act as a workstation connection with the ECU.

The new generation of NACS resolves workplace issues. To diagnose ATV at the beach under the hot sun, the inconvenient problem to use PC base does exit.

Hand-Held tester has the advantage of easy-to-use.

Originally PC-Based program and Hand-Held Program are independent. In the technology of NACS, we have a breakthrough on how to combine the PC-Based program and Hand-Held program into one program.
The combined program software development is completed. With this combined program technology, Hand-Held tester released with PC base simultaneously. Only to copy the data to the SD card and the upgrade of Hand-Held tester is completed.
I.C.M. NACS is first introduced to the market along with Hand-Held tester, PC base and Datalog three-in-one product.

Currently, NACS supports multiple languages including English, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian.

NACS applicable motorcycle/scooter brands are Hartford, Aeon, Piaggio, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kymco, SYM,TGB, and Dinli (including Honda, Vespa heavy motorcycle).




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Implementation of IATF16949:2016 standards
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