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Functions which you would never imagine included in a motorcycle scan tool - OBD Trace S168

Unprecedented product for Electronic Fuel-Injection (EFI) motorcycles

Product History

In 2007, the Taiwanese government enforced all motorcycle/scooter manufacturers to strictly produce motorcycles scooters equipped with EFI. What have we learned from the Taiwanese market for motorcycles/scooters?

During the past 5 years, we’ve discovered that scan tools alone just aren’t enough to fix all the existing problems. A scan tool by itself can not locate intermittent errors. So we started playing with an “idea”, what if we create a product that can record all of the data while the motorcycle is running on the road?

Hence, the first ever Event Data Recorder (EDR) was developed to record analog data and now the “OBD Trace S168” has been released to record and analyze digital data

Quick Facts

  1. Repair shops of Taiwan Yamaha have started using our EDRs supplied by I.C.M since 2010.
  2. Our new OBD TRACE S168 is currently under testing by the R&D departments.

  • . Records data and DTC
  • . Records up to 900 hours
  • . Waveform chart for analyzing
  • . Transfer the recorded data to PC via SD card.
  • . Saves cost of labor for long-term tests by repair shops.
OBD TRACE S168 interface
EOBD protocols supported
Completely compatible with OBD/OBD II/
EOBD standard. All protocols according to
J1850-41.J1850-10.1,ISO9141-2 K/L, CAN, etc.
Memory card 2 GB
Sampling resolution Max 181ms(K line)/50ms(CAN), response time
subject to vehicle ECU
Recording time 900 hours
Current draw with engine off <8 mA typical
Power Supply Through diagnostic cable, through USB from PC
System power supply battery 750mAh 7.4V for power supply interruption
Operating temp -20°C ~ +80°C
Built-in clock Store recorded time
Support vehicles Customized Brand

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Vehicle Electronics
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Implementation of IATF16949:2016 standards
We have joined member of ASAM!
Functions which you would never imagine included in a motorcycle scan tool - OBD Trace S168
Total solutions for scooter & ATV manufacturer

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